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Testing is by an AABB accredited lab


Prenatal Testing: Before child is born , mother must be at least 12- 14 weeks pregnant. Blood sample taken from mother and all alleged fathers. (Call for pricing) Results within 9 business days

(follow up test only $80.00 after delivery)

PaternityTesting: To determine if an alleged father is biologically related to a child. Results within 2-3 business days

Grandpaternity: To determine the biological relationship between the grandfather or grandmother and alleged grandchildren.

Siblingship Testing: To determine the probability of whether siblings share the same parent or not

YChromosome (Y-STR): To determine if males share a common male relative.

Infidelity Testing: To prove or disprove a cheating spouse or significant other.

Avuncular Testing: Testing for possible relationship between child and a possible aunt/uncle.

Racial Estimation: Percentage of ancestry from four different population groups(Results take approx. 25 business days)

Twin Zygosity: To determine Fraternal or Identical twins.

Whether your case is simple or complex our office can handle it.

Samples are collected in a pain free method.

We offer legally admissible and peace of mind testing (non legal)

Affordable, discreet, and handled by experienced case managers

We guarantee no other competitor can compare to our unique office.

Insurance Examination

Life Insurance companies entrust their applicants to I M T to complete the examination for applicants underwriting process.

Agents can fax [email protected] 337-562-8985 or email request to [email protected]

Because of our access to locations all over the United States and etc., we can assist applicant completions no matter their location.






Drug Testing

.Dot/Non Dot Urine Screening 

.Rapid Collections (10 panel) 

.Nail Analysis 

.Steroid Testing 

.Unknown Substance Screens

.Arsenic Poisoning Testing  

.Saliva Collections  

.Synthetic Cannabinoid aka Incense "Fake Pot"

.Breath Alcohol

.Hair Follicle Testing

.Mobile/In Office  

.Date Rape Testing

.Prescription verification

.Blood Collections 

Reasons for testing: Pre Employment, Random, Pre-Access, Post Accident, Self Collection, and Court Ordered

We are capable& skilled in creating random generator list for employers.

Emergency Collections available 24/7

pager# 337-431-1277


Our office offers thousands of clinical lab test to support your health and well being. Whether you have insurance with a high deductible or no insurance at all, our prices for testing are extremely affordable and can not be beat. No surprise cost or bills mailed to you.

Examples include : Cholesterol Panel, Kidney Function, Prostate Screening, Thyroid Function, Hormone Panel, Heart Function Panel,

STD Panels,and etc.

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